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Aerospace: Facing Economic Headwinds, Cutting Tools Technology Contributes to Recovery

In early 2020, the aerospace industry was on a strong upward trajectory. By March, however, major manufacturers like Boeing were severely struggling, some near failure, and COVID-19 plunged the world into social and economic uncertainty. Every segment and designation in the industry – military or civilian, rotorcraft, jetliners, or transports, is off for 2020. Specific programs, however, are projected to begin a comeback in Q4 of 2020 and through 2021. Those projects include military rotorcrafts, transports, and fighters, as well as single-aisle jetliners.

The Boeing model 747-8 has six million parts. The plane’s fuselage, wings, stabilizer, engine, and landing gear combine to total the most significant percentage of machined parts than any other manufacturing process. Diving deeper into that fact – Does this mean that the various OEMs and suppliers in CNC precision machining require higher-level performance from their cutting tools? Yes.

The evolution of manufacturing a cutting tool, per our experts, has shown substantial enhancements over the last decade. The improvements are in the quality of the edge prep, coating development, and custom designs. To maintain the utmost quality performance and reduce production costs, cutting tool companies now can offer a highly engineered custom tool that processes components at the necessary quality standards and combines the manufacturing steps to reduce throughput time. The industry demands the highest standard of customer service and engineering to build the best solutions.

At a recent conference, The Teal Group shared data that reflects since 1989 the civil aircraft world market has increased production from more than $40 billion to almost $130 billion, with a forecast to $170 billion. Teal Group also reviewed the military sector at $30+ billion, striving to upward of $50 billion. In 2020 the civil market forecast has been altered downward due to the significant impact of COVID-19 and the related economic downturn, resulting in significant losses within the civil jetliner industry.

Despite the negative socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 on the industry, there is hope that there will be a return to an upward trajectory. Strategically, aerospace is still a significant marketplace and it will continue to look to the cutting tools industry to offer enhanced technology with continued manufacturing advancements.

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