Technical Information

Coatings Guide

Patriot High Performance PM1 Indexable Mill Speeds & Feeds

Patriot High Performance PM4 Indexable Mill Speeds & Feeds

Patriot High Performance PM2 Indexable Mill Speeds & Feeds

Patriot High Performance PM3 Indexable Hi-Feed Mill Speeds & Feeds

Revere E90AP/F90AP Indexable Face/Shoulder Mill Square Shoulder Milling Speeds & Feeds

Revere ER/FR Indexable Profile/Button Cutter Speeds & Feeds

Patriot High Performance End Mill Speeds & Feeds

End/Chamfer Mill Speeds & Feeds

PD1 High Performance Indexable Drill Speeds & Feeds

Revere Indexable Drill Speeds & Feeds & Drill Offset

Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide Drill Speeds & Feeds

Standard Drill Speeds & Feeds

PC1, PC2, PC3 High Performance Indexable Counterbores Speeds & Feeds

Revere EC Indexable Chamfer Mill Speeds & Feeds

Corner Rounding Mill Speeds & Feeds

Woodruff Keyseat Cutter Speeds & Feeds

Slitting/Jewelers Saw Speeds & Feeds

OD Turning Nomenclature

ID Turning Nomenclature

Tolerances For Arbor Mount Cutters & Saws

Interlocking Set Information

Insert Speeds & Feeds / Chipbreaker Designation

Insert Grades

Patriot HP Cutting Tap Drill Size Chart

Patriot HP Stealth Boring Bar Setup Instructions


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