The ultimate just in time solution. HOTSHOP! By ARCH.
When a precision tool urgently needs to be in hand, in days. No problem!
ARCH Cutting Tools premium made from blank HOTSHOP! Quick turn full special service delivers quickly to beat those tight deadlines. Most conventional solid carbide cutting tool profiles for milling, single & multi-step drilling & reaming are included. Choose from a myriad of optional specialty & performance-enhancing custom tool features for chamfering, pre-drill hole preparation, finishing and corner edge contouring.

  • Quotes in four hours or less!
  • 24-hour coating service on select coatings!
  • Thousands of tooling options were produced & shipped in five business days or less.
  • Your quick custom solid cutting tool solution – HOTSHOP! by ARCH.
  • HOTSHOP! By ARCH Service available through select outlets only.

General Services by Location:

ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton

  • Resharpen solid carbide endmills, drills, reamers and routers on standards and specials
  • Edge prep
  • Engineering and Development
  • Laser etching
  • Walter Helicheck geometry inspection
  • Automated 5 axis CNC manufacturing

ARCH Cutting Tools – Flushing

  • Complete repair service for standard and special indexable tooling
  • Alterations and modifications for standard and special indexable tooling
  • Reconditioned tools brought back to original specs with 100% inspection
  • Machining capabilities including grinding, milling, turning, tig welding, balancing and wire EDM
  • 5-Axis machining
  • Brazed carbide
  • Quick Pic quoting- Take a picture of your damaged tool and Include your customer name and part number in an email to:

ARCH Cutting Tools – Rhode Island

  • Reconditioned HP Drills, HP end mills and Step Tools back to original factory specifications
  • ANCA CPX Pinch Peel Grinder & ANCA CNC cutter grinders with in process laser inspection
  • Two-week delivery with coating, 24-48 hour rush service available upon request
  • Complex medical drill grinding
  • Wire EDM, die sinking EDM, CNC sinker EDM
  • Custom nail tooling- Gripper dies, nail cutters, and headers
  • Carbide thread chasers and knives
  • Carbide tipped counter bores with brazing

ARCH Cutting Tools – Fort Wayne

  • Manufacture special to print tooling in carbide, high speed steel, and high speed cobalt materials
  • Recondition standard and special cutting tools
  • Edge Prepping services
  • Coating services
  • Tool Design and Engineering services and support
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified

ARCH Cutting Tools – Plymouth

• Tool grinding of solid carbide, high speed steel and stainless steel rotating tools
• Profile grinding of high speed steels and stainless steels
• Centerless grinding of high speed steels and stainless steels
• Swiss lathe machining of high speed steels and stainless steels
• Tool resharpening and reconditioning