PM4-2.50-6-1.00-06 | 45° CUTTING PATRIOT FACE MILL

Patriot High Performance by Ultra-Dex

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2.500″ x 2.000″ Patriot Indexable Face Mill to hold (6) PM4 0604 1.000″ Pilot Diameter Coolant Thru

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Product Number: 970-000-112
SKU: PM4-2.50-6-1.00-06

Product Specs

APmx (Max. Axial Depth of Cut)

DCmin (Min. Cut Diameter)

DCmax (Max. Cut Diameter)

LF (Functional Length)

ZcEff (Cutting Edge Count Effective)

ZC (Cutting Edge Count)

Coolant Thru

UM (Unit of Measure)

Product Brand

DCONms (Connection Diameter)

Spare Parts/Accessories

InsertPM4 0604
Insert ScrewPM4-4