ER-D1.50-3-1.00-4 | Ø1-1/2″ INDEXABLE END MILL CUTTER

Revere by Ultra-Dex

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1.500″ x 4.000″ Indexable Round End Mill to hold (3) RCMT 43 1.000″ Shank Diameter 1.500″ Cutting Depth .250 Insert Radius No Coolant

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Product Number: 946-000-031
SKU: ER-D1.50-3-1.00-4

Product Specs

BD (Body Diameter)

DC (Cut Diameter)

DCONms (Connection Diameter)

LF (Functional Length)

R (Radius)

ZcEff (Cutting Edge Count Effective)

ZC (Cutting Edge Count)

Coolant Thru

UM (Unit of Measure)

Product Brand

Spare Parts/Accessories

InsertRCMT 43
Insert ScrewMTS-4