CT50-EM125-200-G2 | 1-1/4″ END MILL HOLDER 2″ PROJECTION

Revere by Ultra-Dex

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CAT50 Endmill Holder 1.250″ Endmill Size 2.00″ Projection Balanced to G2

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Product Number: 966-000-152
SKU: CT50-EM125-200-G2

Product Specs

ADINT SD (Connection Type)

BD (Body Diameter)

CRKS (Connection Rentention Knob Thread Size)

DCONws (Connection Dia. Work Side)

LB (Body Length)

LF (Functional Length)

LSC (C'Bore/Shoulder Length)

Coolant Thru

UM (Unit of Measure)

Product Brand

Spare Parts/Accessories

Set ScrewSS3/4-500