CT40-EM012-250-G6 | 1/8″ END MILL HOLDER 2-1/2″ PROJECTION

Revere by Ultra-Dex

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CAT40 Endmill Holder .125″ Endmill Size 2.50″ Projection Balanced to G6

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Product Number: 966-000-002
SKU: CT40-EM012-250-G6

Product Specs

ADINT SD (Connection Type)

BD (Body Diameter)

BD1 (Body Dia. 1)

CRKS (Connection Rentention Knob Thread Size)

DCONws (Connection Dia. Work Side)

LB (Body Length)

LB1 (Body Length 1)

LF (Functional Length)

Coolant Thru

UM (Unit of Measure)

Product Brand

Spare Parts/Accessories

Set ScrewSS10-250