17140 | 4.0×14.0 KEO HSS RH 60 deg Metric B


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4.0X14.0 KEO DIN333-B HSS

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Product Number: 906-000-365
SKU: 103-017140

Product Specs

UM (Unit of Measure)

HAND (Hand of Cut)

ZC (Cutting Edge Count)

BMC (Tool Material)

CONTYPE (Connection Type)

Product Brand

SG (Specification Group)

LU (Usable Length)

LS (Length of Shank)

LF (Functional Length)

A2 (Angle 2)

L (Overall Length)

DCONms (Connection Diameter)

DC (Cut Diameter)

DC1 (Cut Diameter 1)

A1 (Angle 1)

A (Angle)

BD (Body Diameter)