Patriot High Performance by Ultra-Dex

Patriot High Performance® Stealth™ Boring Bars

Manufactured in the USA and built to improve your machining performance!

Tunable Internal Damping Technology provides optimal dynamic stability yielding significant increases in machining performance

  • Fully tunable boring bar (arrives pre-tuned)
  • Labeled dial for ease of tuning
  • Quick setup flat located on connection end of bar
  • Solves difficult deep boring applications
  • Improved surface finish
  • Increase output by more aggressive cutting
  • Increase tool life from reduced vibration
  • Multiple head configurations
  • 5:1 up to 14:1 Ratio
  • .500″-4.00″ Diameters

How to set up your Boring Bars for success!

How to set up your Boring Bars for success! Watch the video to the right for boring bar general guidelines and tips on clamping, chip evacuation, insert selection and recommended overhang.  Patriot High Performance Stealth™ boring bars pay for themselves quickly by increasing speed and precision. Additionally, you can leave Stealth Tooling “CFT” in the machine and use it for deep or shallow bore applications, thus reducing changeover and setup time.

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The Patriot High Performance PD1 portfolio of indexable drills excels across a broad spectrum of ISO class workpiece materials when there is a high demand to reduce cost per feature in hole making applications. Our range covers a comprehensive application base providing universal insert geometries and grades, suitable for most applications across all industry segments that focus on hole quality.

The Patriot HP family of high-performance end mills is designed with advanced proprietary geometry. There is a thin film coating that consistently delivers increased tool life, superior part finish and aggressive metal removal rates. This is all accomplished within a machining environment that generates
extreme working temperatures.

Incorporating a wide range of drill lengths and diameters, our Patriot High Performance portfolio of solid carbide drills excels across the broad spectrum of all ISO class workpiece materials, from general steels, cast irons, HSRA, and many more. We offer diameters as small as 0.8 mm (0.0314 inches) and up to 20.0mm (0.7874 inches). CNC Machinists will be thrilled at the longer tool life and close tolerance hole after hole.


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