Leveraging the expertise of Ultra-Dex to manufacture
the NEW Patriot High Performance STEALTH Modular Boring Bar.

A wide range of modular boring bar heads that can be interchanged on a CFT with tunable, internal damping technology.


Our Patriot High-Performance Stealth™ Modular Boring Bars have tunable internal damping technology, providing optimal dynamic stability and significant increases in machining performance.

  • Fully tunable boring bar (arrives pre-tuned)
  • Labeled dial for ease of tuning
  • Quick setup flat located on connection end of bar
  • Solves difficult deep boring applications
  • Improved surface finish
  • Increase output by more aggressive cutting
  • Increased tool life from reduced vibration
  • Multiple head configurations
  • 5:1 up to 14:1 ratios
  • .500″ – 4.00″ diameters

Setup Your Boring Bars for Sucess

Watch the video for boring bar general guidelines and tips on clamping, chip evacuation, insert selection and recommended overhang.  Patriot High Performance Stealth™ Modular Boring Bars pay for themselves quickly by increasing speed and precision. Additionally, you can leave Stealth Tooling “CFT” in the machine and use it for deep or shallow bore applications, thus reducing changeover and setup time.

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Patriot High Performance STEALTH Modular Boring Bars Product Spotlight
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Patriot High Performance STEALTH Modular Boring Bars Technical Brochure
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