Advanced proprietary geometries and coatings that optimize tool life, finish, and metal removal rates.

A wide range of end mills that excel in difficult to machine applications and materials.


Originally optimized to tackle difficult to machine applications such as in titanium and pre-hardened steels, our Patriot High Performance End Mills also excel in a wide array of exotic, alloyed, and ferrous part materials. Plus their advanced, proprietary geometry and thin film coating deliver increased tool life, superior part finish, and aggressive material removal rates in environments with extreme working temperatures.

  • Ranging from 0.125”- 1.00” diameters
  • Ideal in roughing, profiling, slotting, and finishing applications
  • Advanced high wear resistance coating with properties for increased tool life & toughness at high temperatures
  • Significantly reduces chatter to improve surface finish & stability in the cut
  • Increase material removal rates with increased cutting depth and feed rates

How to Mill Like a Boss

Witness the true power of our Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills as they mill into stainless steel, steel and other materials. CNC Machinists will be thrilled by the longer tool life and improved surface finish, generated by an advanced, high wear coating.

Evaluate Your Annual End Mill Cost

The Patriot High Performance End Mill has saved operators money on milling applications in 4340 Steel, SAE 4023, 17-4 PH, cobalt chrome, and more. That includes a Power Train manufacturer, who saved up to $68,282 annually by swapping out a competitor’s end mill for ours.

View our case studies below with cost savings created for our customers. The Patriot High Performance End Mill saved money on milling applications on 4340 Steel, SAE 4023, 17-4 PH, cobalt chrome, and more! We've saved a Power Train manufacturer up to $68,282 in cutting tool costs annually.

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