140º point angle and precision through coolant to optimize tool life, chip evacuation, and close tolerance

A wide range of drills with advanced geometries
that excel in all ISO class materials.


Incorporating a wide range of drill lengths and diameters, our Patriot High Performance 928 Series Solid Carbide Drills excels across all ISO class workpiece materials, from steel and cast iron to HSRA. These drills were also designed with a universal geometry that is suitable for most applications in every industry that focuses on hole quality, including die and mold, automotive, medical, and aerospace.

  • Diameters as small as 0.8 mm (0.0314 inches) and up to 20.0mm (0.7874 inches)
  • Precision through coolant and low friction coating for excellent chip evacuation
  • Low thrust force design with 140º point angle suited for multi-application drilling
  • Longer tool life providing increased machine utilization and process security
  • DIN 6535 HA cylindrical shank to support precision tool holding capabilities
  • Close hole tolerances with a geometry suitable for all workpiece materials
  • MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) shank as standard on all sizes
  • Available in 3xD, 5xD, and 8xD coolant through offering

How to Drill Like a Boss

Witness the true power of our Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide Drills, as they drill into stainless steel, steel, and other ISO class materials! Its low thrust force design and 140° Point Angle generates longer tool life and increased close tolerance hole after hole.

Over 11,000 Holes Produced in 316 Stainless & 410PHT

Material4140 PHT 33Rc
Drill Size6mm Drill

Here’s How We Stand Up in 4 Key Performance Areas

Case study showing the Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide Drill vs. a leading competitor Pre & Post 4140 steel

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