Is it possible to make the leading high-performance drill on the market – one that’s 100 percent American-manufactured as well – even better? Yes.

That’s exactly what ARCH® Cutting Tools has done for 2021 with its newly expanded Patriot High Performance™ portfolio. Introduced in 2018, Patriot HP, at that time, was a breakthrough in cutting tool innovation. It is even more so today.

The new Patriot HP portfolio offers more, and more versatile, high-performance tools from solid carbide to indexable milling options in addition to indexable and solid drilling. Why does ARCH Cutting Tools continue to innovate, to constantly reimagine cutting tools solutions? Because of the market demands that today’s manufacturers face: increased productivity, greater performance, and quicker throughput, all under the pressure of profitability and sustainability. ARCH Cutting Tools is dedicated to creating value for its industry customers, to making a real difference in their manufacturing environments.

Let’s look at how the expanded Patriot HP portfolio supports that mission.

The Patriot HP portfolio is the result of a unique ARCH Cutting Tools development process. The company’s engineers and craftsmen, using knowledge and proven solutions learned over decades of success, now provide the industry a comprehensive collection of high-performance products that significantly elevate its KEO® and Ultra-Dex® product portfolios. Customers in any industry segment now can get high performance tools, general purpose tools, solid carbide tools, and indexable tools – all from a single, American, expert source.

When ARCH Cutting Tools tells the manufacturing industry that it is: “Your Complete Tool Making Authority™,” that’s an example of how the company delivers on its promise.

Bill Orris, Director of Product Development and Custom Solutions for ARCH Cutting Tools, discusses highlights of the newly expanded Patriot HP portfolio.

Patriot High Performance Solid Drills

“This expanded portfolio of solid carbide drills incorporates a wide range of drill lengths and diameters and excels across the broad spectrum of all ISO class workpiece materials, from general steels, stainless, cast irons, HSRAs, and non-ferrous,” Orris says, “with diameters as small as 0.8 mm (0.0314 inches) and up to 20.0mm (0.7874 inches), single- or double-margin offering based on cutting diameter.

“Our range covers a comprehensive application base, providing a universal geometry suitable for most applications across all industry segments that focus on hole quality. Those industries include – but aren’t limited to – die and mold, automotive, medical, and aerospace.”

Tech Highlights

  • Precision achieved through coolant and low friction coating for excellent chip evacuation 
  • Features low-thrust force design with 140º point angle suited for multi-application drilling 
  • Proprietary coating technology that delivers longer tool life, increased machine utilization, and process security  
  • DIN 6535 HA cylindrical shank to support precision tool holding capabilities 
  • Close hole tolerances with a geometry suitable for all workpiece materials 
  • MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) shank as standard on all sizes 
  • Available in 3xD, 5xD, and 8xD coolant through offering 

Patriot HP Indexable Drills

“As with the solid drills, the Patriot HP PD1 portfolio of indexable drills also excels across a broad spectrum of ISO class workpiece materials,” Orris says. “These range from general steels, stainless, cast irons, HSRAs, and includes non-ferrous materials.

“The indexable drills are especially applicable when there is a high demand to reduce cost-per-feature in hole making applications,” he adds. “Available diameters range from 0.5625” (15mm) to 2.125” (54mm) and are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

“Again, our range covers a comprehensive application base providing universal insert geometries and grades, suitable for most applications across all industry segments that focus on cost per hole with strong process security benefits including general engineering, die & mold, automotive, and aerospace & defense.” 

Tech Highlights

  • Available in diameters 0.562” (15mm) – 2.125” (54mm), 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD  
  • Two-ported precision through coolant for excellent chip evacuation 
  • Versatility – Facing, Boring, O.D. and I.D. turning capabilities  
  • Capable of drilling into slanted workpieces without pre-drilling 
  • Radial offset capability to adjust diameter size in non-rotating applications 
  • Economical four-edge insert design for excellent chip formation and lower spindle loads 
  • High quality tool steel bodies for added rigidity, wear resistance and reduced chip wash 

That is how you make the leading high-performance drill better – an expanded portfolio, more versatility, and ongoing innovation to create even more value for manufacturers. If 100 percent American-made quality and reliability, increased productivity and operational efficiency, and a potential gain of 20 percent or more in process improvement is important to your manufacturing operation, the expanded Patriot HP portfolio should be in your cutting tool toolbox.

ARCH Cutting Tools – Your Complete Tool Making Authority™.

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