First choice for high performance face and chamfer milling applications.

A wide range of face mills with balanced axial and radial forces and directed through coolant.


The PM1 Patriot High-Performance Face Mill has well-balanced radial and axial cutting forces, providing a smooth entry into the cut. Plus, there are several other production savvy characteristics will improve your operations and increase efficiency when running the PM1 Face Mill. First, it has a low vibration tendency when used in long overhang applications. Second, its double-sided inserts provide eight cutting edges, reducing longer cycle and set-up times.  And finally, its directed through coolant at each insert, allows for excellent chip evacuation.

  • General first choice for face and chamfer milling
  • Well balanced radial and axial cutting forces
  • Smooth entry into cut
  • Low vibration tendency when used in long overhang situation
  • Double-sided inserts – 8 cutting edges
  • Positive geometry inserts – free cutting
  • Efficient cutting parameters due to chip thinning (hex)
  • Directed through coolant at each insert providing excellent chip evacuation

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