A versatile drill that can be used in facing,
boring and entering slanted workpieces.

4-Index Inserts provide 2+2 (in-bore and out-bore) cutting edges that excel in most ISO materials.


The Patriot High Performance PD1 Portfolio of indexable drills excels across a broad spectrum of ISO class materials. From general steels, cast irons, HSRA, and many more, when there is a high demand to reduce cost per feature in hole making applications. With diameters from 0.5625″ (15mm) to 2.125″ (54mm) offered in both imperial and metric sizes. Our range covers a comprehensive application base providing universal insert geometries that focus on hole quality. These include general engineering, die and mold, automotive, and aerospace and defense.


  • Available in diameters 0.562″ (15mm) – 2.125″ (54mm), 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD
  • 2-ported precision through coolant for excellent chip evacuation
  • Versatility – Facing, Boring, O.D. and I.D. turning capabilities
  • Capable of drilling into slanted workpieces without pre-drilling
  • Radial offset capability to adjust diameter size in non-rotating applications
  • Economical 4-edge insert design providing excellent chip formation and lower spindle loads
  • High quality tool steel bodies for added rigidity, wear resistance, and reduced chip wash


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