KEO announces another breakthrough that will further advance precision machining in America – Patriot High Performance. Originally optimized to tackle difficult-to-machine applications such as in titanium and pre-hardened steels, the Patriot High Performance End Mill excels in a wide array of exotic, alloyed and ferrous part materials.  

With the demands of today’s manufacturing industry in mind, the Patriot High Performance End Mill is designed to deliver higher-performance results that increase productivity and performance, providing extended tool life – in some applications by as much as 20 percent and delivering measurable return-on-investment for customers.

Case Study:

Features and Benefits:

  • Ranging from 0.125”- 1.00” diameters
  • Ideal in roughing, profiling, slotting, and finishing applications
  • Advanced high wear resistance coatingbwith properties for increased tool life & toughness at high temperatures
  • Significantly reduces chatter to improve surface finish & stability in the cut
  • Increase material removal rates with increased cutting depth and feed rates

Patriot High Performance is the result of a unique development process. KEO engineers and craftsmen, using knowledge and proven solutions learned over decades of success, have brought to the industry a high-performance product that significantly expands the KEO product portfolio. Now, customers can get high performance tools, general purpose tools, and solid carbide tools all from a single, reliable, responsive source.

The Patriot High Performance solid carbide end mill project is a long-anticipated labor of love for ARCH Cutting Tools. KEO is a brand that’s been around for more than 70 years that is universally recognized within the industrial manufacturing and metalworking space, “
Marcus Ralston, Director of Product Management, Standards – ARCH Cutting Tools.

“KEO has long established itself as a reliable source of quality product, great customer service and engineering expertise. In today’s production-based machining climate, machinists need that everyday tool they can count on to be in stock and get them through every job.”

Ralston also noted that jobs are getting more challenging and part material increasingly more challenging to machine. “After years of development, the Patriot Mill has been successfully applied in a multitude of modern practical applications,” he added. “KEO is a brand with a rapidly growing portfolio of high-performance tools. I’d put this tool up against any other competitive milling tool on the market today, without hesitation.”

Stronger, longer-lasting, higher-performance, versatile, American made. Patriot High Performance establishes a new industry standard.

End mills designed with advanced proprietary geometry and a thin film coating that consistently delivers increased tool life, superior part finish and aggressive metal removal rates.
Tackle your difficult to machine applications with Patriot High Performance by KEO.

The Patriot High Performance End Mill Catalog

Download a digital full product line catalog at and see the full range of these all-new, all-American cutting tool solutions.  

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