General Purpose, Micro, and High Performance
Round Tools in Many Substrates & Coatings

For over 80 years, KEO has been dedicated to American craftsmanship in industrial manufacturing and metalworking. Pulling upon proven solutions learned over decades of success, the KEO brand continues to produce and evolve products that empower machinists at the spindle.

HHS, Cobalt, PCD, T-15, and
Solid Carbide General Purpose Round Tools

Solid Milling, Drills, Spotting Drills, Center Drills, Countersinks, Counterbores, Drill & Chamfer Mills, Engraving Tools, Corner Rounding, Keyseat Cutters, Dovetail Cutters, T-Slot Cutters, Milling Cutters, Plain/Shell Mills, and Saws.

High Performance
Solid Carbide Round Tools

Solid carbide end mills with advanced proprietary geometries and thin film coatings that can aggressively remove material, as well as drills in a wide range of diameters and lengths that can tackle all ISO classes.

HHS, Cobalt, T-15, and
Solid Carbide Micro Tools

No feature is too small. Find your milling, drilling, slotting, engraving, and finishing solution: Solid Milling, Center Drills, Solid Drills, Drill and Chamfer Mills, Engraving Tools, Corner Rounding, and Keyseat Cutters.

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