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Setting your cutting tools up for success, our tool holders create an optimized environment for your machine setup. Evaluate the connectivity to your machine and take advantage of the effects of process capability improvements with our American manufactured solutions.

Tool Holders from ARCH Cutting Tools

We provide tool holding options including CAT40, CAT50, HSK100A, HSK125A, HSK40A, HSK50A, HSK63A, HSK80A, Collets, HSK Coolant Tubes and Sockets. Shrink-Fit Extensions, Tool Bushings, and Retention Knobs. Our tool holders are optimized to enhance your manufacturing setup and deliver fixture performance improvements. Reduce spindle downtime and tool failure by choosing the right toolholder for your application.

Featured Tool Holding Product

Revere CAT40 Tool Holders
Just like any other cutting tool component, tool holders should be regularly examined for wear and if necessary, replaced to maintain optimal cutting performance. Tool holders that do not properly grip cutting tools can cause premature tool failure, increasing our tooling cost, or CPU, for a particular component. Our CAT40 Tool holders are the perfect option for your setup.


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