Smarter slotting! Our slotting cutting tools ensure slotting or grooving for  short, long, deep, shallow, straight, and non-straight paths to satisfy any customer’s requirements. Ensure metal removal, slot finish, and enhanced tool life with our cutting tools.

Slotting with ARCH Cutting Tools

We provide cutting tools for your slotting application including high performance carbide end mills, Keyseat cutters, T-Slot cutters, Slitting/Jewelers saws, face mills and inserts. Our cutting tools are optimized to enhance your manufacturing throughput and deliver performance improvements.

Featured Slotting Product

KEO T-Slot Cutters
The T-slot cutter from KEO has staggered teeth on the circumferential surface and teeth on both sides. The side teeth alternate to provide maximum chip clearance and stability to permit rapid T-slot machining with minimum risk of breakage.


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Technical Information

Woodruff Keyseat Cutter Speeds & Feeds
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