No matter the material across the broad spectrum of all ISO class workpiece materials, from general steels, cast irons, HSRA, and many more, our drills ensure metal removal, hole quality, and enhanced tool life for any customer’s requirements.

DRILLING with ARCH Cutting Tools

We provide drilling cutting tools including high performance solid carbide drills, high performance indexable drills, spotting drills, center drills, and circuit board drills. Our cutting tools are optimized to enhance your manufacturing throughput and deliver performance improvements.

Featured Drilling Product

Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide Drills
Incorporating a wide range of drill lengths and diameters, our portfolio of solid carbide drills excels in ISO P, M, K, S, & H materials. The Patriot HP has a diameter range from 0.8 mm (0.0314 inches) and up to 20.0mm (0.7874 inches), and single or double margin offering based on cutting diameter. Our range covers a comprehensive application base, providing a universal geometry suitable for most applications across all industry segments that focus on hole quality.


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Patriot High Performance Solid Carbide Drill Speeds & Feeds
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