Our boring cutting tools ensure part finish and smoothness for any customer’s requirements. If you need to enlarge an existing hole on a workpiece, look no further than our American manufactured boring solutions.

Boring with ARCH Cutting Tools

We provide cutting tools for your boring process including our steel boring bars, carbide boring bars, reduced neck boring bars, threading/grooving boring bars, heavy metal boring bars, Modular boring bars, Patriot HP Stealth boring bars, and a variety of heads and connection types. Our cutting tools are optimized to enhance your manufacturing throughput and deliver performance improvements. Solve difficult deep boring applications with our Patriot High Performance Stealth Boring Bars.

Featured Boring Product

Patriot High Performance Stealth Boring Bars
Manufactured in the USA and built to improve your machining performance! Tunable Internal Damping Technology provides optimal dynamic stability yielding significant increases in machining performance. Additionally, you can leave Stealth Tooling “CFT” in the machine and use it for deep or shallow bore applications, thus reducing changeover and setup time. 


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Technical Information

Patriot HP Stealth Boring Bar Setup Instructions
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