ARCH Cutting Tools takes time to celebrate Labor day!

The ultimate just in time solution. HOTSHOP! By ARCH

When a precision tool urgently needs to be in hand, in days. No problem! ARCH Cutting Tools premium made from blank HOTSHOP! Quick turn full special service delivers quickly to beat those tight deadlines.
Most conventional solid carbide cutting tool profiles for milling, single & multi-step drilling & reaming are included. Choose from a myriad of optional specialty &performance-enhancing custom tool features for chamfering, pre-drill hole preparation,finishing and corner edge contouring. 

  • Quotes in four hours or less!
  • 24-hour coating service on select coatings!
  • Thousands of tooling options were produced & shipped in five business days or less.
  • Your quick custom solid cutting tool solution – HOTSHOP! by ARCH.
  • HOTSHOP! By ARCH Service available through select outlets only.

Employee Spotlight: Christi Ruprecht

Christi Ruprecht is recognized for her outstanding work ethic and positive performance at ARCH Cutting Tools – Plymouth (PLY). Christi is the second generation at PLY and has worked in Shipping/Receiving since 2014. She leads by example and prides herself on attention to detail and efficiency, never sacrificing the quality of her work or the product. Earlier this year, Christi was instrumental in organizing and shipping thousands of cutting tools to the Centralized Distribution Center upon its inception. Recently, she has taken on additional duties and tasks. Her efforts have helped keep the department ahead of production and customer demand. Christi’s dedication, firm productivity, and teamwork are commended and very much appreciated.

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High Performance End Mills Push Dollars to the Bottom line!

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Ensuring Insert Positioning Security!

  • Longitudinal and face turning
  • Profiling geometries including 35°and 55° 
  • Easy to use – one wrench to activate the clamp
  • Minimal spare parts to manage
  • Several insert geometries and grades for a variety of roughing and finishing applications 

The Ultra-Dex Top clamp pullback holders utilize one of the strongest clamping features resulting in reliable and secure machining for all roughing to finishing operations. The Ultra-Dex series of square shank tool holders perform multiple functions, from roughing to finishing, offering higher metal removal rates for increased production and optimized insert utilization.

ARCH Cutting Tools- Dayton: Supporting local Salvation Army

They have been partnering with the Salvation Army now for up to 15 years. ARCH Cutting tools Dayton reaches out to them twice a year. To see if they can use anything from donations of specific items or to volunteer their time. In past summers, they have donated school supplies. During the Christmas season, ACT Dayton create angel trees to be donated gifts to 30 kids, who would otherwise have no gifts to open at Christmas.This year the need was even more significant for donations for school supplies due to COVID-19. Many people have been laid off from their jobs and can’t afford school supplies. “This year, thanks to COVID-19, we cannot do the big Back to School Bash like we did last year,” said Samantha Lockard, Captain Salvation Army in Sidney, Ohio. Thanks to the communities and businesses, they could get all the school supplies for this coming school year but needed help sorting and bagging the items for each kid. ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton decided the best way to help would be to volunteer their time to help bag up all the school supplies that the kids need to start school per family. Angela Roeth and Nicki Garke packed up bags until we ran out of supplies. They were expecting a trailer of supplies in later that day to finish. I can not tell you how it made us feel to give back to the community; it is so rewarding. Knowing without these donations, these kids would have no supplies for school. ARCH is great about encouraging us to give back, and that makes us proud to be a part of such a great team!

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