The all-new Beamer Laser Marking Inline System allows high-volume industries to efficiently integrate a fully-automated laser marking solution directly into production processes.

The Beamer Inline System can be custom integrated into any production line or production cell, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator and freeing man-hours for other value-add work. Additionally, the in-line integration means improved cycle times in the production process.

Setup is simple and straightforward, and the system operates with familiar Windows™-based software. The system seamlessly connects to existing PLCs for smooth process flow and operation in fully-automated processes. Marking, from annealing to deep engraving, can be achieved with options including 20W, 50W and even 100W solutions; meeting every necessary cycle time.

Affordability through efficient engineering
The Beamer Laser Inline System delivers a high-quality laser marking solution at an affordable price that is unmatched in the industry. How is this possible?

Through a unique development process, Beamer Laser engineers working in the U.S., have applied knowledge and proven solutions learned over decades of success, to efficiently engineer this cost-effective, high-performance solution for industries ranging from automotive to medical.

“The Beamer Laser Inline System is configurable to any applicable process,” said Nicholas Kaczmarski, National Sales Manager – Beamer Laser Marking Systems. “And, in addition to offering a 100,000+ working-hour lifespan, the system is supported by Beamer’s responsive, reliable technical support and customer service teams.”

High-performance, efficient, configurable, affordable, American engineered. The all-new Beamer Laser Inline System raises industry expectations for inline laser marking solutions.

About Beamer Laser Marking Systems
Beamer Laser Marking Systems means American-made quality in a full range of fiber laser marking machines providing an industry-leading 100,000+ working-hour span. In industries from automotive to medical and more; save production time and boost productivity with these affordable solutions.

Beamer offers user-friendly off-the-shelf standalone turnkey solutions; as well as custom fully-automated solutions with extremely fast turnaround times. Whatever your direct part marking needs – Beamer has a solution that will enhance your product quality and give your operation a competitive edge.

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