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Engineered Tooling Solutions

ARCH Cutting Tools has 100+ years of combined experience in designing custom tooling to support leading manufacturers. ARCH offers best practices, engineering intelligence, and infrastructure to allow us to focus on creating custom-engineered solutions centered on our customer’s needs. Whether it’s one tool or a complete turn-key package, we can engineer a solution for you.

  • Solid tools
  • Indexable tools
  • Tool holders
  • Micro tools
  • Multi-feature tools
  • Carbide tools
  • PCD Tools
  • Form tools
  • Gang tools
  • HSS – High Speed Steel
arch special tools

Special Tools for Productivity at the Spindle

Our customers do extraordinary things, but everybody needs a competitive edge. This requires a precision tooling partner that can deliver customs and specials that meet exacting standards. From napkin sketches to real working tools, we collaborate with our customers on design for manufacturability.

We provide:

  • Cost-reducing efficiencies
  • Process improvements
  • Advanced coatings and laser etching
  • Comprehensive supply chain management
  • Unmatched customer service
tool engineering

Milling, drilling, boring, turning, and holding tools can all be optimized with our proven full product life cycle process. Our customers invariably enjoy enhanced efficiencies when our process is applied to their unique needs. They are enabled to develop specialized cutting tool solutions that not only improve their final product, but also how they operate as an organization. From the initial on-site consultation to engineering and design assist, ARCH Specials brings comprehensive and knowledge-driven results.

PCD Diamond Tooling

pcd diamond tooling
  • Reconditioning, sharpening, re-tipping ANY manufacturers’ PCD tools in 1-2 weeks
  • Combining roughing and finishing tools
  • Maximize tool life – up to 25 times longer when compared to carbide tooling
  • Faster speeds and higher feed rates, results in increased through-put
  • Improved surface finishes
  • Tighter tolerances achievable

Case Studies

Providing the special tools that our customers need to do their unparalleled work is just the beginning of the ARCH Specials story. Our engineers help identify your opportunities to increase value, improve quality and performance, and enhance manufacturing operations.

Increased tool life


Annual cost savings

Improved surface finish


Reduction in scrap

Customized micro step drill


Annual cost savings

Advanced tool coating process


Annual cost savings

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